Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Married an Accordion Player

Yes, it's true. My husband Simo is an accordion player - he plays gobs of music from his home country Serbia, plus amazing Scandinavian, Greek, Russian, Irish, and English tunes - you name it, he can play it. And he sings well too.

So, yeah, I'm bragging. You can hear a sampling of his music at:

For more than a decade we have been traveling to California each August where Simo teaches and performs music at Lark - a music camp near Mendocino. I was delighted to read about Joanna Newsom's success this week in the NY Times. I remember Joanna from camp - she almost seemed like an apparition at times (in a good way). We had the pleasure of spending a few moments backstage with her and her band a couple of years ago when she played here in Atlanta - what a treat! If you want to change your mood and brighten your day, music can do it.

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