Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Be sure to turn off all heat sources

I'm in the studio yesterday and my A/C wasn't working. It kind of died. At first I thought I was just having my regular waves of hot flashes. But no, there was just no cold air coming out of the vents. After contacting the repair guy (who I'm meeting up with today - - keep your fingers crossed), I sweated it out a little longer to finish a section of a new painting (I'll post images soon - well, as soon as I'm cooler :).

When I got home I decided to surf around regarding A/Cs and found that there is actually a "WikiHow" article on "how to cool yourself without air conditioning". One of the steps is to "turn off all heat sources".  Really? Someone had to write that out as a "step"?

Perhaps the obvious isn't so obvious. As a kid I remember our A/C going out and Dad having perfectly round beads of sweat running down his angry red face while he "took a look". Meanwhile Mom told him to call the repair guy and the arguing ensued. Dad versus the repair guy. You already know how this one ends. We sweated it out over the next couple of days until Dad was worn out and the repair guy could come out. I remember Mom cooking dinner on the stove (one of the heat sources highlighted on WikiHow). Like many Dads in the 60's, my Dad was ready to eat when he walked in the door from work everyday at 5:30pm and Mom never missed a beat. But maybe they missed a step?


  1. Hi Cat!
    I hope your A/C is fixed by now! I ran across your work at the TULA Stidio website. I love your work! I'm hoping to make it to the next art walk there on Aug. 4th. Hope to see you :)

  2. Thanks Debbie. Those repair men are saints! The A/C is fixed and the studio is cool - I'm so much more pleasant to be around. :)

    There won't be an art walk in August - many folks are out of town. However, please mark your calendar for September 1st (6-9pm) when we'll have everyone open with the wine flowing and a few food trucks to boot!