Thursday, September 15, 2011

How will you change the world?

"Arrival" by Cat Tesla
Photo courtesy of Pfortune Art & Design, Inc.

"New Horizons" by Cat Tesla
Photo courtesy of Pfortune Art & Design, Inc.

When you ask someone what they do for a living, rarely will you hear them say "I want to change the world by doing  __________".  Instead they usually respond with "I work at such-n-such". For me the answer is that I'd like to change the world with my art - - by spreading a little beauty, a little joy, a moment of respite.

I believe this is what art does - it heals. Art connects with people on an emotional level and creates a vibe in a space that can make you feel joyful and uplifted. This is evidenced by the use of art in healthcare. Who wants to look at an ugly white wall when they're going to the doctor for an exam? You're probably already a little anxious to begin with and the last thing you need is to feel more uncomfortable. Lately there's been a surge of artwork being installed in hospitals, medical centers, and assisted living centers. This is because we all want to feel good - - or at least better. Particularly when we're sick.

Last weekend I met an art consultant who utilized some prints of my art in a sleep lab testing center. I've been told my artwork is relaxing. . . .but this really made me laugh! I sure hope the patients relax - - and then wake up again to enjoy my art.

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