Monday, January 2, 2012

Diving into 2012!

Moving out!
Change can seem scary at first. An ending can feel empty, like there’s a hole. But gradually it begins to feel like breathing space and it's absolutely wonderful. Room for something brand new! Space to grow.

Last week I finished cleaning out my old studio and made the move into my new art studio. It felt strange. The old studio was mostly retail/gallery space, with a work space in the back. The new studio is smaller overall and nothing but work space! It's freshly painted and clean. There are tall walls to hang new paintings-in-progress with plenty of room to move - and dance and sing (hey, it happens:).

Let’s get this party started.

Cat's new studio

Moving in!

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  1. hello! my name is tara. i came across your blog through Little Tree Studios. Is your studio still at Little Tree Studios? i like your paintings!