Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mirror, Mirror

"Lightness of Being", acrylic+oil glazes, 48"x48", ©2013 Cat Tesla
Re•flec•tion•ism  [ri-flek-shuh niz-uh m]

        1.  A literary or artistic style that attempts to physically manifest the mirroring of energy and human life at a particular moment.
        2.  A school of artistic theory founded in 2004, characterized by a belief that the positive or negative energy that one puts into the universe is reflected back.    

Each of us mirrors the universe and the universe mirrors us, in its own unique way. As a human, I do my best to put out good energy. I try to do the same with my paintings. I am grateful to be an artist and to be able to share my art with the planet. 

This past weekend at a local art show, I met a man who made balloon animals ($3/ea) for all the kids who passed by. The money was for a local missionary organization.  He was like the energizer bunny -  with an unending supply of energy and smiles!  I marveled at his stamina and ability to happily greet each child and create a balloon animal of their choosing. After 7 hours of balloon making, he came over to chat. We talked a bit about art and life, and how a lot of people never do the things they want to do with their lives. They instead work at a job they hate, waiting for tenure or retirement in order to get to the part where they get to do the things they love. I wondered what kind of energy they are sending into the universe and what they are getting in return? 

I think life becomes easier when you stop struggling.

What are you reflecting?

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