Monday, August 5, 2013

Becoming One with the Forest

“The snow falls, each flake in its appropriate place   ~Zen saying

I just returned from a nice long visit to the Pacific NW where my husband, a musician, was giving concerts and workshops. Nature is at her best this time of year there, and hikes and sunsets were aplenty. (Of course there was also great wine and art galleries.) The second half of the trip was in northern California at a music camp where cell reception is poor to none. Which was perfect for me because I was unable to “document” anything  -  a complete and total break!

There is much beauty in the redwood forests of northern California. There was complete stillness and silence at times. At others, the redwoods had a soft whistle of wind flowing around them and the trickle of water over river rocks flowing below them. New life growing out of decaying matter was everywhere. Kind of a hidden harmony that realigns you.

It is often overlooked that one of the most important aspects of any exercise or training program is the recovery phase:  the time spent resting. This is viewed as the period of “doing no work”, when in fact your body is seizing the opportunity to repair itself and become stronger (more at:  I think the same is true with creativity:  you need to leave the compound and become one with the forest to fuel your creativity.

Cheers to summer breaks!

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