Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Top 10 Things Overheard in My Art Booth in 2015

I continue to be amazed at what people say at an art show while they're in your booth looking at your work. Let's face it:  it's a small space! You can hear everything - the good, the bad, and the unusual.

(Insert drumroll here). . . here are my "top ten" conversations, questions, and comments overheard in my art booth in 2015:

  1. "I hate to admit it, but I DO like these colors."
  2.  "We hung your painting above my easy chair. Anytime I'm sitting there, my wife often looks over and smiles at me. I thought she was looking at me. Turns out she was looking at your art."
  3. "Are you related to Elon Musk?"
  4. "I'm glad you didn't put any birds in this - - that would have really screwed it up."
  5. "Now this is work you can look at for a long time. You can just sip your wine and keep discovering something new. Pointing to a larger sized painting:  I'd need a whole bottle for that one". 
  6. "That orange reminds me too much of the countertop in my Mother's home. I don't want that orange in my house."
  7. "I can see why you won an award; they're very beautiful."
  8. "I thought Tesla was a car."
  9. Lady in my booth picking out a few paintings. Her husband is outside of the booth with his arms folded, and says: "Do I need to hold your wallet for you honey?"
  10. "Where are you from?" (me: Atlanta) "So, what do you do in Atlanta?"

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