Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Welcome to my blog! I figured before 08 ended it was high time to join the rest of the world in the blogosphere. My goal is to provide you with insights about my work, what I'm up to, and why I paint what I paint. Of course I also want to hear from you - please feel free to share your comments and responses about my artwork.

I just finished the above painting, "Awaken", which will be part of the January 2009 group show, ARTifacts, at Perry Nicole Fine Art, in Memphis, Tennessee. Perry Nicole challenged their artists to create a new work and provide with it an object of inspiration or a tool used in creation. My artifact is the peeling bark of the turpentine tree from the Caribbean dry forest. The piece (literally) fell into my hand while hiking on a nature trail there just before the holidays. In the painting I used numerous thin layers of acrylic, scraped and sanded, and covered again, to mirror this delicate treasure. These trees are natural wonders! When set upright in the ground in moist weather, large cut branches of turpentine trees will awaken --they take root and grow.

May all of your cups overflow and awaken in 2009. Happy New Year!