Monday, August 16, 2010

Press Release: Knoxville Museum of Art invites Cat Tesla for Artscapes 2010 Show

Each year, the Guild of the Knoxville Museum of Art hand-picks artists to invite for its annual Artscapes Extravaganza, an art auction and gala to benefit the Knoxville Museum of Art. For the 2010 show, a set of 9 paintings from Cat Tesla’s “Outside of the Box” series will be among the works to choose from. Art lovers worldwide have become avid collectors of the series which combines acrylic, oil glazes, collage, and handmade clay tiles (dubbed “cookies”). Each spring Cat makes several hundred cookies at a local ceramics studio to use for her box paintings. “People are surprised by the fact that I work in both clay and mixed media painting and actually use them together in the same artwork”. Communicating in a visceral language, the mixed media series on birch is textured, glossy, and organic. This unexpected interaction between two- and three-dimensional mediums is a hallmark of Tesla’s art.

A retired genetic counselor previously on faculty at Emory University School of Medicine in the Department of Human Genetics in Atlanta, Georgia, Cat shows and sells her work at shows and galleries throughout the United States. Tesla graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health, with a M.S. in Human Genetics and studied graphic design at the Southeastern Center for the Arts in Atlanta. She has also studied encaustic painting and handbuilding in clay.

Tesla’s work will be featured at the Knoxville Museum of Art from September 14 – 24, 2010 as part of the Artscapes show.  For additional information:

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