Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How do you cope with life's challenges?

People often ask me how I paint, what my process is, where do I get my inspiration. Essentially the answers to these questions can be summed up by telling you that I paint what I feel. All my life I have felt things very deeply. I keep a journal. I write poems, I sketch, I doodle. Empathy comes easily to me (sometimes, too easily). And I'm a big weeper. So many things in life just . . . move me.

Last week was frenetic. Running to the grocery store, stopping for gas, priming a canvas, picking up flowers, varnishing a painting, mailing the bills, running back to the grocery store, walking the dog, blowing leaves. Then, with one phone call everything . . . receded. Our neighbor lost his 2 year battle with brain cancer. He surpassed what the doctors predicted for survival. His will to live - his life force - strong and determined. The funeral was Saturday. A crisp, cool, sunny day. Breezy, leaves flying. Totally surreal. Small and subdued, a slide show flashing moments of his life on the wall. Smiles, nods, tissue. More tissue. It was hard to believe he was only 52. But in a letter from one of his sons written to his father, he explained that his Dad lived more life in one day than most do in a lifetime. That's what I'll remember most about him. He was alive and on fire for living. Every single day.

I spent time in the studio painting in silence after I heard the news. A blurry green-gray beginning to a drippy milky landscape. Not much else happened. I decided to wash my brushes and took a long walk.

About a week has passed since I started the painting. Today I put the first glaze of a color onto the canvas (other than a shade of gray). It felt good.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

My fall art show travels are finished, and I've got to say, I'm just so happy to be home! You know what I'm saying:  clean sheets, cheesy bread, and a crackling fire. Oh, and a super cute one-eyed dog who also happens to like clean sheets (dog pillows), cheesy bread, and a crackling fire.