Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seeing Red

For some reason I'm on a red kick. Got a commission with a red color palette, did a small painting in reds for a fundraiser, and just covered a canvas in shades of red yesterday in my studio. Felt good.

With cooler weather in Atlanta, we had our first "comfort food" meal of the season last night:  a roast cooked for 12 hours in the crock pot, rosemary potatoes, carrots, and buttery dinner rolls.

Taking my dog Ruby for a walk this morning before heading to the studio - love this fresh Autumn air. Can't wait to see how this season plays out in my paintings.

Here's to welcoming all the goodness that Fall brings!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is Everything Bigger in Texas?

I try not to post things like "I'm walking down the street with my latte".  But (here I go. . .) I do have to tell you, I just baked some banana bread and it smells great!  Bananas, vanilla, walnut. Yum.

I wonder if the banana bread is bigger in Texas? I'm heading that way this weekend for the Bayou City Art Festival in downtown Houston so I hope to find out. Putting my cowboy boots on now.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New from the Studio

Fresh off the easel, new paintings! This set is part of my Meditation Series; these are entitled "New Day".

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wanna know how to loosen up your paintings?

When I'm traveling around to art shows, I meet a lot of people, many who are artists themselves. One of the questions I get over and over goes something like this:  "I paint tight and detailed and can't seem to loosen up. How do you do it?"

The actual answer for me is that it's just how I paint. In fact, when I have to paint tight and detailed I feel like someone is strangling me. And I hate when that happens. So here's 4 approaches that will help you to loosen up when you paint. Try one or more and let me know if it helps!

  1. use a large brush or palette knife (emphasis on LARGE)
  2. paint using your non-dominant hand
  3. have a drink (or do something to take the edge off :) After all, it's paint and canvas. There'll likely be many others so don't worry so much. The painting police won't arrest you if you mess it up.
  4. stop at 90%. This tip is actually something that my colleague Bob Burridge recommends, so I can't take credit for this one. Bob also teaches some wonderful workshops to help you loosen up (click the link for more info).