Monday, January 30, 2012

Trinity School Spotlight on Art February 6-11

Velvet Blossoms I, m/m on 40"x30" canvas
©2012 Cat Tesla

Velvet Blossoms II, m/m on 40"x30" canvas
©2012 Cat Tesla
The Trinity School in Atlanta has their annual "Spotlight on Art" show and sale February 6-11, 2012. Fresh off the easel, "Velvet Blossoms I & II" are a couple of the paintings I'll have at this year's show. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I just love Bruce Mau's Incomplete Manifesto for Growth. So much wisdom on a single webpage! This design manifesto was first written by Bruce Mau in 1998, articulating his beliefs, strategies, and motivations. It's been all over the internet, and when I came across it again recently, I thought it was a sign to share it.

Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Anything's Possible

Once the page turns to a new calendar year, it feels like it's time to renew ourselves. To jump into a new year of possibilities and adventures!

My year is starting with my heart full of gratitude - to my family and their unending support of my creative endeavors, and to my new collectors. Here are some installation photos of my artworks in their new homes. The bottom photo, showing "Windswept", will serve as a jumping off point for this home owner's redesign. They're changing their room from earthy browns to the colors in my painting.
"Fresh Air", 36x48
©2012 Cat Tesla
"Windswept", 48x48
©2012 Cat Tesla

"The distance is nothing. It is only the first step that is difficult" 
~Madame Marie Du Defand (1697-1780)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New from the Studio

If you don't inhale, you can't let go.

"Release", acrylic on canvas, 24"x48"
©2012 Cat Tesla

Monday, January 2, 2012

Diving into 2012!

Moving out!
Change can seem scary at first. An ending can feel empty, like there’s a hole. But gradually it begins to feel like breathing space and it's absolutely wonderful. Room for something brand new! Space to grow.

Last week I finished cleaning out my old studio and made the move into my new art studio. It felt strange. The old studio was mostly retail/gallery space, with a work space in the back. The new studio is smaller overall and nothing but work space! It's freshly painted and clean. There are tall walls to hang new paintings-in-progress with plenty of room to move - and dance and sing (hey, it happens:).

Let’s get this party started.

Cat's new studio

Moving in!