Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm schizophrenic and so am I

Cat's garden in May
Yes, life is a bit crazy these days. Thankfully I'm not mentally ill, though some days it sure seems like I could be. Trying to remember all the "to-do's" with a busy show schedule, commissions, and the regular family stuff like birthdays, holidays, etc., is overwhelming at times. Plus the garden is exploding (in a very good way) and so are patches of weeds (in a very bad way), and I'd like to get my hands back in the dirt soon to deal with both.

I just finished my third of six art shows in seven weeks. So many artists do this with ease but I feel like I'm just figuring it all out and getting my rhythm. Of course I love the challenge and have had the privilege of meeting some amazing artists and wonderful new collectors! I am indeed blessed.

Paintings are pouring out of me in the studio. Though a lot of people get their best ideas in the shower, mine occur during the long drives to shows around the country. In between shows my yoga classes are  keeping me grounded and keeping me sane. Throw in 10-minute-sessions-of-meditation and a hunk-of-dark-chocolate-with-hazelnuts here and there and I can get through just about anything.