Friday, February 22, 2013

Open Studio: March 2, 2013

Painting in progress at Cat's studio. 
©2013 Cat Tesla
Rail Arts District Studio Tour:  You're invited!

Saturday, March 2, 2013
Cat Tesla Art Studio

Little Tree Studios, Suite 103
2834 Franklin St
Avondale Estates, GA

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What goals are you setting?

"Outside of the Box" paintings in progress 
©2013  Cat Tesla
As Lao Tzu (4th Century BCE) pointed out, "Those who know do not speak; those who speak do not know."

I've had a busy show schedule to start the new year and along the way I've had the privilege of meeting several new artists. It gives me pause to hear and see what other artists do for their artful life:  how they create and display their work, how they approach being an artist, their philosophy, etc.

Some artists are bold and confident in their work and display. I find these artists are not boastful or chatty. Rather, they tend to keep to themselves, focused on the clients and patrons who frequent their work. Their professionalism and finesse motivate me to be better.

Other artists puzzle me. For instance, I met a jeweler at a show who had 2 absolutely stunning, contemporary necklaces and bracelets in the front of her art booth. The rest of the work was less developed and differed somewhat, and it was priced lowered. She complained that the latter was all that she was selling. A well-dressed woman went into her booth, spoke with her, and left. The jeweler came over to me and said "that's the second time that woman has come by. She wants to buy one of the larger necklaces in the front but I don't want to sell them". Whhhh-aaat?!  I asked her why. She said it takes her a long time to make them, and those are the pieces that get her juried into shows so she wants to make sure that she has one when the judges come by her booth. If she sells it, she won't have time to make another one before her next show.


I was stunned. Essentially this jeweler was saying:  I'm only producing a few items that represent my best work. The rest is different because it's not my best work. My goal is not to sell my best work.

Reviewing your goals can be helpful. Reviewing your actions to see if they match the former may be even more important.