Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summertime. . .and the living is easy

"Crescendo I", acrylic+oil glazes on 60"x40" canvas
©2013 Cat Tesla

A painting is a moment in time that captures the painter and the painted. Whether the end result is imagined or real, it exists uniquely, the exact colors and strokes never to be repeated. A vision that emerges with lights against darks, cools against warms, movement against stillness. The finished work a culmination of feelings found in layers of color, pouring both from the heart and hand.

Like many artists I have often felt that I am a channel for the artwork, a conduit focusing energy and spirit onto canvas. This painting is a moment, a memory, a cherished place, a sanctuary, a time of day, a time of rest. It is all these things and more.