Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Top 10 Things Overheard in My Art Booth in 2014

Cat at a show in the fall of 2014.
©2014 Cat Tesla

When you're at an art show, your booth space is not really all that big. People are in there all around you. In fact, you're close enough to reach out and touch them. You hear a LOT of stuff. So much in fact, that I write down my favorites. And here they are!

My "top ten" conversations, questions, and things overheard in my booth in 2014:

  1. "Doesn't that painting make you kind of seasick? I don't know. I guess if I stand in front of it and stare at it."
  2.  "I hate that mustard color and there's way too much of it."
  3. "I could walk right into that one."
  4. "Does a cat really paint these? I mean I've seen artwork painted by a horse and an elephant, but never a cat."
  5. "Are you Bo? Bo Jordan?" (Me:  No, I'm Cat Tesla and this is my artwork). Confused, he said "I thought it said Bo." As the gentleman walked away I realized he was looking at one of my paintings entitled "Beaux Jardin". 
  6. "This looks like what heaven will be like."
  7. "Wow, what were you thinkin when you painted that one? Looks like something's ready to come out of there - looks like Jesus is going to appear or something. That's really nice, that one."
  8. "Is this Jersey?"
  9. An older gentlemen looks at me, walks into my booth, looks around and circles back. "I've lost my current wife." (Me:  I'm taken.) "Really?" (Me: Yes, and my husband hates it when I date.) "I guess he's not very forward-thinking. I'll keep looking."
  10. Woman standing in front of my largest painting:  "Damn it! If I had brought Bob I could have whined until he bought me this one."

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

12 Shows in 13 Weeks

On the road to Chicago
©2014 Cat Tesla
Cat in Indianapolis   ©2014 Cat Tesla

"My wish is that we might progressively lose confidence in what we believe and the things we consider stable and secure, in order to remind ourselves of the infinite number of things still waiting to be discovered."  ~Antoni Tapies

I just finished 12 successful shows in 13 weeks - -  and suffice it to say it’s good to be home!

A few shows were local so I wasn’t leaving town every weekend. However, overall, if I’m honest, it was too much for me! I prefer more breaks in between shows not only to have time to work in the studio, but to ground myself, rest, and be at my best.

Over the course of this crazy schedule, I had several insights and tips that I wanted to share with you:

  • Being organized was key! Paperwork and travel arrangements for each show were in folders in chronological order and all inventory in my studio was organized according to size.
  • Shows were coupled in the same geographic location. So for example, I had 2 in Chicago, 2 in Texas, 2 in the northeast, etc. In between shows my husband and I had a chance to explore different parts of the country, go to art museums and galleries, and rest before the next show.
  •  Having surfaces primed and those with underpaintings completed (ahead of time) made it easy to create new inventory as needed (I also had a LOT of paintings ready before this schedule began!).
  •  Yoga, massage, and a visit to the chiropractor along the way helped a lot with being in the van so many hours. :)
  •  Also discovered a product called “Two Old Goats”  - it’s a lotion to relieve pain and arthritis. If your hands hurt after working long hours, this stuff is great! (see www.twooldgoats.com)
  •  I highly recommend audio books (i.e. Audible.com)  - they make any long drive seem shorter.
  •  There’s a lot of creative time on the road, believe it or not. Your mind can wander, you’re relaxed, and you see a lot of color palette ideas in nature and places you visit. I did a lot of sketching and journaling, both a joy.
  •  We stayed with friends and family in between shows whenever possible; this was an added bonus!

Crossing the Chesapeake Bay   ©2014 Cat Tesla

In hindsight the schedule was challenging and I would do it differently next time around, with more breaks in between shows. However, I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to show and sell my work – many, many paintings were adopted and found new homes in the U.S.A., Canada, and the United Kingdom!
Leaving Florida   ©2014 Cat Tesla