Saturday, July 5, 2014

Are You Open to New Possibilities?

"Gelato", mixed media, 40"x40"
©2014 Cat Tesla
"Be as a cup, and the universe flows into you.
Be as an arrow, and the universe retreats from you."
~Zen Proverb

I think it's important to stretch and try new things. To be open to growth. When you're painting, if it's the "same old, same old", you can become bored, and eventually I think it shows in the work. Changing your tools - the brushes, palette knives, paint colors, etc. - can be one way to start in a new direction. Changing your subject matter can be another. Each time you come to the canvas, it's a brave look inward. "Art happens between you and something - a subject, an idea, a technique - and both you and that something need to be free to move. Making art is chancey - it doesn't mix well with predictability." (from the book "Art & Fear", by Bayles&Orland).

This summer I'm working away on my non-objective body of work - a fairly new avenue for me, and one that makes me feel "free to move". The entire experience is completely different from say, painting a landscape. There is much to discover. Every new painting enlarges our reality and changes how we see the world. It's been nice to toss hesitancy out the door.

Here's to a beautiful, experimental summer. Let 'er rip!