Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vita dell'Artista (The Artist's Life)

2296 miles
2 shows
19 collectors
31 paintings sold

Cat sitting behind her booth in Chicago.

These are how the first 2 shows of my fall season - both in Chicago - added up. I'm full of gratitude and ready for my next show in Indianapolis.

To be honest, the most difficult part wasn't the long hours or the long drives. The hardest part was coming home to a quiet house. Our dog Ruby left us earlier this summer at the age of 15. Every time my husband and I would return home from a show, Ruby would be soooooooo happy to see us. I miss that "welcome home" and her happy dance. Some day, we'll adopt a new dog.

For now, I'm doing my own happy dance. Thanks to all who came to see and adopt my latest work!