Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Top 10 Things Overheard in My Art Booth in 2014

Cat at a show in the fall of 2014.
©2014 Cat Tesla

When you're at an art show, your booth space is not really all that big. People are in there all around you. In fact, you're close enough to reach out and touch them. You hear a LOT of stuff. So much in fact, that I write down my favorites. And here they are!

My "top ten" conversations, questions, and things overheard in my booth in 2014:

  1. "Doesn't that painting make you kind of seasick? I don't know. I guess if I stand in front of it and stare at it."
  2.  "I hate that mustard color and there's way too much of it."
  3. "I could walk right into that one."
  4. "Does a cat really paint these? I mean I've seen artwork painted by a horse and an elephant, but never a cat."
  5. "Are you Bo? Bo Jordan?" (Me:  No, I'm Cat Tesla and this is my artwork). Confused, he said "I thought it said Bo." As the gentleman walked away I realized he was looking at one of my paintings entitled "Beaux Jardin". 
  6. "This looks like what heaven will be like."
  7. "Wow, what were you thinkin when you painted that one? Looks like something's ready to come out of there - looks like Jesus is going to appear or something. That's really nice, that one."
  8. "Is this Jersey?"
  9. An older gentlemen looks at me, walks into my booth, looks around and circles back. "I've lost my current wife." (Me:  I'm taken.) "Really?" (Me: Yes, and my husband hates it when I date.) "I guess he's not very forward-thinking. I'll keep looking."
  10. Woman standing in front of my largest painting:  "Damn it! If I had brought Bob I could have whined until he bought me this one."