Monday, March 28, 2016

Improving Your Art: Business & Process

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For artists out there, I wanted to mention a couple of resources that I highly recommend. The first is about the business of art, and the second is about developing your body of work.

The business of art can sometimes be a mystery for artists. They may have amazing work, but then aren't sure where to go next. Alyson Stanfield is an art business coach whose blog I have been reading for years. I also have her book "I'd rather be in the studio" - a must-read for anyone practicing in the arts. Alyson, known as the "art biz coach", offers individual consultation, online courses, and a super-informative blog. You can find her offerings here: 

Building a body of artwork can be challenging. Some days are good, others less so. If you find you need some direction or tweaking, consider following Nicholas Wilton. Nick is an artist and teacher based in California who is now offering a 12-week online course, entitled the "Art2Life Creative Visionary Path". There are just a couple days left to sign-up (and there is an investment, the course is not free). There are 4 free videos about Nick's approach, with the 4th describing the 12-week course and how to sign-up:
I've previously taken a workshop from Nick and it was extremely helpful. He can help you discover how you can improve your work and your process, no matter whether you're just beginning or are a career artist.

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