Monday, May 30, 2016

Pursuing What You Love

"Chrysalis No. 41", mixed media on 48"x72" canvas
"Pura Vida", acrylic+oil glazes on 60"x72" canvas

Good shows, bad shows, rainy shows, sunny shows, lower back pain, and swollen feet. It’s not all rosy when you’re an artist – creating art is physically and mentally challenging. It’s hard work. But the number one thing I’ve realized in order to pursue what you love:  you sometimes just have to keep going – to push through and persevere – to get the artwork to an even better place.

My garden is a great metaphor for living the art life. Last year most of the hydrangea blooms didn’t happen due to a too-cold-for-the-south winter. Things were droopy, small, and looked sort of tired. This year they’re ON – larger, brighter, and more colorful than in years past. They burst open this spring to tell the world they’re back in a big way!

I have two series of paintings – one non-objective and the other meditative landscapes. My love of gardening and places I’ve traveled to show up in both. Some days one is “on” and the other is going through a big freeze. Over time, one series teaches me something new to introduce to the other, and in a way, they each make the other better. The cross-pollination between the two helps me grow and improve the work. Evolving is essential to growing stronger and persevering.
Cat's garden; sculpture on right by Eugene Perry (

Each piece of art has something to teach us. Each offers a kernel of wisdom if we are paying attention. Completing this piece of art illuminates a little bit more of your creative path. Each piece of art you make moves you just a little bit forward.” ~ Nicholas Wilton

Here's to moving ahead!