Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Top 10 Things Overheard in My Art Booth in 2016

Just when I think the past year couldn't possibly be topped, the things people say at art shows continue to amaze me!

(Insert drumroll here). . . here are my "top ten" conversations, questions, and comments overheard in my art booth in 2016:

1.  My wife would have you bring the entire van full of art over to the house, but then I’d need a bank loan.
2.  Are these jewelry boxes? (asking about my “Outside of the Box” series)
3.  I’m looking for the scruffy guy with the beard who does wood sculpture.
4.  You look like your work - soft and beautiful.
5.  Were you having a stroke or causing a stroke when you painted this one?
6.  You gotta love an artist who has the guts to do this.
7.  These are just stunning, Cat! Yours is the only card I took from the show.
8. You’re not afraid of color, are you?
9.  That looks like what will be at the pearly gates.
10.  You’re a nice looking couple; maybe you can get a job at this show?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Art Basel & Beyond

Innovative, beautiful, cutting-edge, shocking, sophisticated, surprising, inspirational, amazing, exciting, and spectacular:  these are the words I use to describe the art in Miami during Art Basel week. There are concurrent shows both in Miami proper and Miami beach:  Art Basel, Scope Miami, Aqua Art Miami, Design Miami, Ink Miami, NADA Art Fair, Pulse, Project, Fridge Art Fair, X Contemporary, Art Miami, Context, Spectrum, Red Dot, Art Concept, Conception, Prizm, Pinta, and more. Traffic is crazy, people from all over the world are trying to find their way around, and we all have the same goal:  to see the art.

I exhibited a few of my own paintings with Steidel Fine Art at the Spectrum Art Show – the show was great! Coupled with Red Dot, Spectrum was very busy each day, and I had the pleasure of meeting artists from Israel, Dublin, Italy, Bogota, Japan, Canada, and Germany.

Art Basel
Art Basel, Art Concept, Art Miami, and Context Miami were the shows I attended (aside from seeing Spectrum and Red Dot). Each show had its own vibe (and price points). I saw some of my favorite galleries from the U.S. and Canada, and was introduced to others from around the world. There were many artists using Japanese mulberry paper as either sculptural material or a ground for painting and several artists used a torch applied near paper, with the image created by the smoke.
Context Miami
Colored Mulberry Paper Sculpture

If you’re an artist or art-lover and haven’t been to Miami during Art Basel, please consider going. It’s an incredible experience! And be sure to make dinner and lodging reservations well in advance. We stayed at a home booked through
Art Miami 3 miles from Red Dot/Spectrum. There are free trolleys and buses between the shows, and of course Uber, Lyft, and traditional taxis.

At the end of each day my head was spinning:  as an artist myself I was stimulated by the range of work, new ways in which artists used materials, as well as the scale of some of the larger works. Suffice it to say, I cannot wait to get to my studio to paint!

The "park" inside Art Basel