Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Top Ten Things Heard in My Art Booth in 2017

Each year it gets better and better. When I'm at an art show, people never cease to amaze me. The space in an art show booth is small, so everything - and I mean everything - can be heard.
Cat Tesla
That said, here are my "top ten" conversations, questions, and comments overheard in my art booth in 2017:

10.  There's too much water in these paintings.

9.  I'd like to lay in bed and stare at that painting with one of those sound machines in the background.

8. Well, this is turning into an expensive date night.

7.  Do people ever cry when they look at your work? This one is just so beautiful, I've got tears coming down.

6.  Wife:  I can paint like that. 
     Husband:  (laughing)  Nooooooooo, you can't!

5.  Lady covering one eye:  do you see a face in this one?

4.  Do we have to meow at you?

3.  Two women are in my booth. "So what is this? Oil?"
     Me:  "I use a little bit of everything. Graphite, wax crayon, ink, acrylic, oil and a little mayonnaise.
     Two women:  "Huh, well, I guess the mayonnaise makes it
more creamy?"

2.  I got really drunk last night and bought a couch online. Otherwise, I'd get these. Hope my husband doesn't kill me when he gets home.

And, the number one question heard in my art booth in 2017:
1.  So you guys are kind of retired, and just doing this for fun?