Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019: The End of A Decade and the Top Ten Things Overheard in My Art Booth

Cat Tesla at a show in March 2019
At the beginning of this decade, I started keeping track of stuff. Things like what happens at art shows, how many paintings I sold, when they sold, to whom they sold. I learned a lot about art shows and realized I did way too many of them. But I painted a lot of paintings that I'm proud of. I met a lot of incredible artists and collectors who I now call friends. 

During all the shows, especially from this past decade, I thought that I had certainly heard it all after 22 years. But I was wrong. 

Without further adieu, here are the top 10 things overheard in my booth in 2019:

1.  Ah! Whaddya know? She's selling Tesla's.

2.  Man looking at a triptych in my booth. "Boy, I really like your trilogy! I think if I get them, I'd like to have the entire trilogy."

3.  My husband gives me a kiss at a show. A minute later, a man comes up to me and asks: 
     "Is this the kissing booth? Or is that just for him (pointing to my husband)?"

4.  Cat, I'm not in the market to buy, but if I was, I would get the big painting there in the back. I know I could look at that for a very long time and be content. 

5.  Two 10 y.o. boys walk into my booth and look around for a long time (unusual for 10 y.o. boys!). One leans over to the other and says:  "This is truly the definition of modern art." 

6.  I love your colors. Is that gesso you put all over them to make them shiny? 
     Me:  um, no. It's varnish.

7.  Do you sleep in these tents overnight?

8.  I want to do something creative so I'm getting ideas from your work. Do you make a lot of money?

9.  Older man:  I'm going to name my next child Cat Tesla. I would name it that, really, if there were going to be any more. Your paintings are beautiful!

10.  Man:  Hi, I like your work. You have some really interesting sections in your paintings. Is that glazing?
Me:  Yes it is. 
Man:  Opens his phone to show me his paintings, about 6 total. The paint appears runny and drippy. "Know how I get this effect? I put a bunch of paint on the canvas, then take them into the back yard and flip them over into the stream. Then after awhile I take them out and get this cool stuff."
Me:  no words (what about the fish???)

Wishing you much health and happiness in 2020 :)
Happy New Year!

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  1. Now you've done it...I'm thinking about my OWN list. Yikes!!

    But yours is great! Happy New Year!!